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Tablet/Capsule Inspection System for

Electronic Counting
Machine - Countbeat

Industries First Auto Teaching with 3D Model
Camera for Product Dimension Measurement
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Electronic counting machine - countbeat
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Innovative Tablet / Capsule Inspection System for Counting Machine
  • Industries First Auto Teaching with 3D Model Camera for Dimension Measurement
  • Auto-Learning of Acceptance Tolerance
  • No need to change vibratory plate for inspection
  • Best Quality Hardware
  • 21CFR Part11 Compliant

Years of experience put together in an attempt to offer pharmaceutical industry a melodious experience working with Tablet / Capsule Inspection System on Electronic Counting Machine - Countbeat. Inspired by real challenges that user faces while using inspection system. Countbeat is equipped with a supercomputing power for inspecting tablets / capsules while they are travelling freely on the V-shaped OR U-shaped vibrating plates of counting machine.

Powered by proven image processing algorithms designed, developed and optimized specifically for inspection of tablets / capsules on bulk packing lines.

Countbeat eliminates user dependency during teaching process of new product recipe by offering completely automated teaching process with 3D model camera which automatically identify dimension of tablet / capsule. Auto-teaching also identifies channels, colour of product and sets tolerance automatically.

Countbeat Software

Countbeat Software

  • Morden ‘Tile’ based finger friendly user interface for organized look.
  • Different colour marking for different defects type. This provides easy differentiation of various defects categories.
  • Powered by ‘Vision Studio’, a propriety Vision OS capable of handling multiple applications and cameras in single operational environment.
Supported product categories of countbeat
defects categories of countbeat

Countbeat Features

Hardware & Optics
Rejection Control
Diagnosis & Statistics


  • Auto-teaching which takes not more than 10minutes to create new recipe. This eliminates user dependency.
  • Real-Time tracking of individual tablets throughout the inspection area, this is essential for reliable rejection signal.
  • Strong splitting algorithm to split adjusting connected tablets / capsule.
  • Smart product color identification tool for easy product segmentation as an option to auto-teaching.
  • Software alarm followed by machine stop on powder accumulation on vibrating plate beyond certain limit.
  • Countbeat is equipped with 3D model camera so that software automatically calculates dimension of product.
  • Smart lens focusing utility, for precise lens focusing. Also eliminates user dependency of lens focusing.
  • Bult-in help video tutorials which helps user to lean the software.

Hardware & Optics

  • Ful Ip65 HMI for dust proof operation.
  • Compact size illumination & camera unit, can be mounted on the machine side wall itself.
  • Lens with screw-less vibration proof focus and aperture ring.
  • High FPS camera for efficient tracking at maximum speed of machine.
  • Polorized LED light which avoids reflection of product on SS finished vibrating plates.
  • LED light in high frequency strobing mode for efficient cooling.


  • Countbeat can be integrated on all type of vibratory based electronic tablet counting machine.
  • Countbeat is compatible with both V-Shaped and U-Shaped channels.
  • No Need to change existing vibrating plate.

Rejection Control

  • Bottle Rejection for dimensional & surface defects
  • Machine Stop on foreign product / practical detection.

Diagnosis & Statistic

  • Built-in Scope View control for I/O signal troubleshooting.
  • Versatile camera and I/O troubleshooting tool for easy maintenance.
  • Analysis-mode for analyzing last 600+ inspection result without interrupting production.
  • Real-time production view during Analysis-mode.
  • An interactive statistical report of every batch.


  • Customized user SOP and administrative procedure i.e. role customization
  • Fingerprint access optional.


  • Image storing of accepted/rejected images during production is possible.
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What makes Countbeat unique

auto teaching and smart tolerance learning
Auto Teaching & Smart Tolerance Learning
vibrating plate
No need to change vibrating plate of machine
3d camera for product
3D Camera for product dimension measurement
best quality hardware
Best Quality Hardware

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