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Proven image analysis algorithms

Blister Inspection
System - Blisbeat

Industry’s First One button Teaching Process that
surpasses user experience
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Blister inspection system using blisbeat
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Blister inspection system that surpasses user experience
  • Industry’s First, Auto Teaching in Blister Inspection
  • Tile Based Finger Friendly User Interface
  • Auto-Learning of Acceptance Tolerance
  • Best Quality Hardware
  • 21CFR Part11 Compliant

Years of experience put together in an attempt to offer pharmaceutical industry a melodious experience working with Blister Inspection System - . Inspired by real challenges that user faces while using inspection system. Carefully crafted after Blisbeat analyzing user needs, offering very simple and elegant solution.

It is the most powerful tool for color blister inspection system. Powered by proven image analysis algorithms for online inspection of blister images captured by most advance industrial color camera.

Blisbeat eliminates user dependency during teaching process of new product recipe by offering completely automated teaching process. i.e. identifying cavities, identifying blisters, identifying product color and its color range.

Blisbeat Software (Blister Inspection System)

Blisbeat Software

  • Morden ‘Tile’ based finger friendly user interface for organized look.
  • Smart product color identification tool for easy product segmentation as an option to auto-teaching.
  • Powered by ‘Vision Studio’, a propriety Vision OS capable of handling multiple applications and cameras in single operational environment.
  • Parallel processing of multiple triggered images of single stroke/cycle of machine, which makes Blisbeat compatible with high speed blister packing machines.
Blister Inspection Defects category

Blisbeat Features

Diagnosis & Statistics
Service &  Support
Product Categories


  • Supports all kind of pharmaceutical forming foils (PVC clear, PVC opaque,  Aluminum).
  • Capable of inspecting tablets, capsules, powder, vials and ampules while they are packed in blisters.


  • Blisbeat can be integrated on all type of blister packing machines.
  • Blisbeat has in-build option of accept-reject verification of blisters.
  • SPAN Pinhole detection system can be integrated with Blisbeat.


  • GMP compliant.
  • Plug & Play installation

Diagnosis & Statistics

  • Built-in Scope View control for I/O signal troubleshooting.
  • Versatile camera and I/O troubleshooting tool for easy maintenance.
  • Analysis-mode for analyzing last 50 inspection result without interrupting production.
  • Real-time production view during Analysis-mode.
  • Color wise tolerance setting during inspection.
  • Graphical shift register view during production.
  • An interactive statistical report of every batch with hyperlink based end to end report navigation.
  • A novice approach of binding product name with every batch for quick browsing of batch report through report-viewer.


  • Customized user SOP and administrative procedure i.e. role customization
  • Fingerprint access optional


  • Third party application i.e. SCADA, HMI software can be added to Blisbeat.
  • Image storing of accepted/rejected images during production is possible.

Service & Support

  • Online teamviewer support.
  • Quick onsite service-support

Supported Product Category

  • Single / multi-color tablets
  • White on white tablets
  • Single / multi-color capsules
  • Gray on gray capsules
  • Dragees
  • Soft / hard gelatine capsule
  • Printed product
  • Transparent capsules with granules
  • Multi-color tablets in a blister
  • Combinational blisters
  • Ampoules & Vials
  • Applicators & Injection

Defects Category

  • Product color
  • Broken tablets
  • Variation in size & shape
  • Chipped, color spot
  • Foreign object / product
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What makes Blisbeat unique

Blisbeat Functionality (Auto teachin)
Auto-Teachin & Smart Tolerance Learning
blisbeat touchscreen
IP65 Industrial Computer with Touch Screen
Blisbeat light hood design
Light Hood Design

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