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History of Vision Systems in Pharmaceutical Industry


Type of Vision System

pc based
smart camera 1

“Human vision has no meaning without a beautiful brain”


“Images from camera has no value without a powerful software”

Beauty of Human Vision

The Irony is we still don’t know exactly how human vision works, but here is a example illustrating how we humans can do most complicated task with utmost ease.

Limitations of using humans for machine vision tasks

limitation humaneye

So we can conclude that brain do well what computers do poorly, and vice versa. Human brain is the best learning machine and can also produce new thoughts / ideas whereas Computers are meant to perform repeated task.

Cameras are nothing but an attempted replica of human eye

Correlation between human eye and camera can be seen below:

humaneye and camera

Evolution of camera

evolution of camera

Working of Camera Sensor

How are color seen to eyes?

colors to eyes

How are color captured by camera sensor?


Machine vision working methodology

Our understandings of visual information are highly developed. But for computer to understand the images captured by the camera are very difficult. Because we humans visualize an image as a whole while computer software works on pixels (i.e. the smallest unit of image). So below video clip will help us to visualize how difficult it is for humans to work in similar way as a computer dose.

Circle of Confusion

circle of confusion

Few examples on How SPAN  tried to figure out a solution to keep the complexity of training a machine vision tasks

Auto Teaching

Videos Courtesy:

Video 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NGGLFUuhXDQ
Video 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NkQ58I53mj
Video 3: Courtesy from Basler
Video 4: Courtesy of BBC

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