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  • Blister Inspection System
  • Industry's First One Button Teaching Process.
  • Tile Based Finger Friendly User Interface.
  • Auto-Learning of Acceptance Tolerance.
  • Superior Quality Hardware.
  • 21CFR Part11 Compliant.
  • Supported Product Category
  • Single / multi-color tablets
  • White on white tablets
  • Single / multi-color capsules
  • Gray on gray capsules
  • Dragees
  • Soft / hard gelatine capsule
  • Printed product
  • Transparent capsules with granules
  • Multi-color tablets in a blister
  • Combinational blisters
  • Defects Category
  • Product color
  • Broken tablets
  • Variation in size & shape
  • Chipped, color spot
  • Foreign object / product
  • Quote

  • Pinhole Detector
  • Moisture or light sensitive products, high-barrier materials such as aluminum foil is used. However, the mechanical stress on the material during coldforming can cause almost imperceptible cracks and pinholes which then defeat the purpose of a high-barrier package. Inspection down to 10 μm sized holes can be possible with SPAN pinhole detection system.



  • Bearing Grove Inspection System
  • Smart camera with open-source ARM platform.
    It is a light weight systems made to specifically inspected groves absence/presence in bearing.




  • Sawing Application
  • Fast diamond cutting process with maximum yield. Robust software with quick and easy operation. Elegant software user interface.


  • 4 Process Application
  • Single software drives 3 servo motor with high accuracy for all 4 process associated with diamond finishing. Table, Bruiting, Conning, Crown Robust Software with quick and easy operation.Elegant software user interface.


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